National Young Writers Festival

The 17th annual National Young Writers’ Festival will be held in Newcastle from October 2-5 2014.

This year’s event will see over 80 artists and a huge number of literary lovers from across the country assemble for a four day celebration of the written word, with more than 60 unique and inspiring events.

NYWF 2014 will deliver an exciting assortment of performances, debates, workshops, panels, readings and more with topics such as identity politics, romance, free speech, genre bending, the future of protest, and the all-important question of whether Jurassic Park should become a reality. National Young Writers Festival

The festival will take place in venues and spaces across Newcastle from theatres, hotels and cafes to churches, public malls and carparks.

This year those who can’t make it to Newcastle will still be able to get involved in the magic through regular podcasts and reviews on the NYWF website as well as several live-streamed events.

We will be bringing you even more exciting news in the coming weeks. Please keep in touch with us via our website, Facebook, Twitter @NYWF and Instagram NWYF.
For all media enquiries please contact Daniela Frangos: [email protected] | 0422 098 124

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