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Manuscript assessment

Before submitting to a publisher or agent, many writers find it beneficial to have their manuscript read by an independent reader. This may be someone you know, but is more likely to be someone you find in a writers group, or via an organisation like Writers SA.

Writers SA offers writers access to a professional, independent reading and assessment service. All our assessors are industry professionals, with many years experience in reading, assessing, reviewing, representing and publishing manuscripts.

Genres include:

  • Fiction (long and short form) – all genres
  • Poetry
  • Children and YA
  • Non fiction (long and short form)

What you can expect:

Between 4 – 6 weeks after submission, you will receive a written report that will provide feedback that will outline specific strengths and weakness, with a focus on plot, pacing, style, character, setting, voice and dialogue. It may also provide information on potential markets, readership and publishers, and constructive feedback on how the manuscript can be improved.

Writers SA will match your manuscript with the most appropriate assessor.

What you won’t get:

This service is not about connecting you with an agent or publisher. Indeed, there is little evidence that a positive assessment attached to a submission to a publisher has any influence at all. This service is about getting independent professional advice on your writing and the development of your writing, and about getting the best possible manuscript prior to submission.

This service is also not an editing/proofreading service. If you require assistance with grammar, formatting etc, try the Society of Editors.

Other Services:

Pre-submission Assessment
Once your manuscript is ready for submission, you need to spend time perfecting your pitch. While all publishers and agents have their own submission guidelines, we can give you general assessment of your synopsis, cover letter, biography and first chapter.

Personal Consultations
Writers SA offers thirty minute face to face or Skype consultations. This is for guidance and advice on ways to achieve your writing goals, or as a follow up to a written assessment.

To apply for a manuscript assessment, and for costs and submission guidelines, please contact us at .


Our assessors are highly experienced industry professionals.

If you have a script that you wish to have assessed, please refer to the Australian Writers Guild’s script assessment service.