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A synopsis is a summary of your entire novel and explains who the main characters are, where and when the action takes place, details the major conflicts, turning points and crisis, and, perhaps most importantly, reveals what happens at the end.

Publishers and agents might ask for a synopsis to get a sense of your ability to plot, to determine if it’s something they might be interested in, to judge your storytelling abilities or even to see if it’s in an identifiable genre and form that they can publish and market.

Your first pages will reveal if you have a unique narrative voice but it’s your synopsis that will give a prospective publisher or agent a hint about your ability to tell and sustain a story over the course of a whole book.

Why you might need one:

A synopsis audit looks at your one, two or three-page synopsis to tease out elements that might not be working, examine character motivation and arc, and identify how to strengthen the story for the publishing market. Where possible, you’ll also get suggestions for increasing the stakes and resources for the next steps.

This service is also useful if you’ve stalled or hit a wall while you’re writing the draft, or you’re not getting any interest when you’re pitching or talking about your book. Authors who are changing genre or writing to market might also want a second set of eyes on their plot before they get started.

What you can expect:

  • light edits on the page
  • a detailed report
  • a 30 minute Zoom or phone call to answer any questions you might have once you’ve digested the feedback.


Up to three pages single spaced (Members: $299 | Non-members $449)

Fine print: submissions must be written by humans and be your own work. We do not assess AI generated works or public domain rewrites.

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How does it work?

  1. Pay for your service below
  2. Submit your writing as a word document, Times New Roman, 12pt, single-spaced
  3. Your submission will be assessed by one of our team of experienced publishing professionals
  4. Within four weeks, you will receive written feedback, with questions designed to develop your work and provide you with clear next steps.

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