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Archived content for the tag ‘books’

December 17th, 2015 | Latest, News | Tags:

WIN A BOOK PACK! Thanks to the generous folks at Seizure, we have a prize pack of three incredible novellas to give away. These great novellas are previous Viva La Novella winners; Formaldehyde by Jane Rawson, Welcome to Orphancorp by Marlee Jane Ward and The End of Seeing by Christy […]

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October 6th, 2015 | Blog, Latest, News | Tags:

MEDIA ANNOUNCEMENT An Australian first study of Australian authors highlights the dramatic and profound impact that technology is having on authors and the publishing industry. Technology has opened up significant opportunities for self-publishing with the study showing that 84 per cent of fiction authors are changing the way their work […]

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August 11th, 2015 | Blog, Books | Tags:

By Jillian Schedneck Think back to when you first learned to read. What was it like? Back then, you read word by word. You focused on what each word or phrase was communicating. You read closely. Today we are all practiced readers. We have become too familiar with skimming, skipping […]

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April 25th, 2015 | Blog, Books, Latest | Tags:

By Vanessa Jones Digital marketing tools work at their most optimum when they are used together and when they all talk to each other. Consider them a community, a family or a team that work together with one end goal in mind. Let’s think of your marketing as a sports […]

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February 17th, 2015 | Media, News, Videos | Tags:

SA Writers Centre’s industry forum during Adelaide Writers’ Week in 2014. “Getting Discovered” featuring Jeff Sparrow, Jane Novak, Julianne Schultz and chaired by Jennifer Mills.

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November 3rd, 2014 | News, Opportunities, Promotion | Tags:

For a limited time only, we are offering members a chance to promote your book via our enewsletter with a very special discounted offer on advertising. This is such a great opportunity to get your book noticed by a wide range of readers and have the blurb and cover of […]

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January 22nd, 2014 | Blog, Industry news | Tags:

By Jane Turner Goldsmith I was cured of my writers’ block one autumn day in Toronto, about 15 years ago. I was attending a creative writing session at the library. The room was packed; they had a series of Canadian authors presenting their ‘how to do it’ tips. It was […]

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September 2nd, 2013 | Blog, Books, Industry news, Insights, Workshops | Tags:

Book reviewing is a tricky business. As Kerryn Goldsworthy’s recent extended essay in Australian Book Review shows, knowing what a review’s purpose is (or should be), who it serves (or should serve), what its value is (or should be), are complicated and contested questions. I approach book reviewing with several […]

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May 21st, 2013 | Blog, Books, Tips, Workshops | Tags:

By Katrina Germein Join Katrina for her Perfecting Your Picture Book Story workshop. One very good reason not to write a picture book: you’re hoping to retire on the royalties. Let’s talk actual figures. The standard royalty paid to a picture book author in Australia is 5% of the full […]

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