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Books Set in South Australia: A List

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From KI to Coober Pedy, city to country, South Australia has some magnificent locations – and you’ll find a book set in almost all of them. We recently asked our members for their suggestions for favourite novels set in Adelaide and South Australia, and wow, did you answer.

We’ve compiled a Goodreads list (in no particular order) of 100 books, featuring classics and contemporary titles, spanning a range of genres, time periods, and locations. The only criteria: must be at least partly set in SA.

Whether you’re looking for your next read or curious about your home state on the page, take a look! 

Have a suggestion we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments (please note Goodreads lists are capped at 100, so we are unable to add any additional books).

12 Comments to “Books Set in South Australia: A List”

  1. Steven Gepp says:

    Sins Of The Fathers by S,Gepp
    The Blue Roses Of Orroroo by Margaret Visciglio
    On The Edge by Margaret Visciglio

  2. Trish Morey says:


    I’ve got a few to add – all by Trish Morey

    Cherry Season
    The Trouble with Choices
    Stone Castles
    Burning Love



  3. Elizabeth Hutchins says:

    Most of my writing is set in SA, including novels ‘Bring Back the Songs’ and ‘A Matter of Cats’.

  4. Roger Monk says:

    ‘The Bank Inspector”
    The Bank Manager’
    The Bank Teller’

    All totally South Australian. crime novels

  5. Jenny Brice says:

    Wendy Altschwager has written a number of books set in SA, including ‘The Pledge’, ‘Talk of the Town’, ‘Spirit of the Country’ and ‘Behind the Door’.

  6. Go SA! Meredith Appleyard’s contribution and all set in SA:
    The Country Practice
    The Doctor Calling
    No Job for a Girl
    Home At Last
    When Grace Went Away

  7. Susan Marsden says:

    You asked for novels, so I din’t submit any titles written by professional historians and set in SA – dozens of excellent books! (You have only to check Wakefield Press, amongst other publishers, to see many of the most recent titles). Now, I see there are several histories (or other non fiction books) in this otherwise admirable list.

  8. The Nautilus by Nicholas Jose
    The Sunken Road by Garry Disher
    A Bitter Harvest by Peter Yeldham
    Deadly, Unna? by Phillip Gwynne
    The Spirit Wind by Max Fatchen
    Knitting by Anne Bartlett
    King of the Outback by Kristin Weidenbach
    Heart of the Country by Tricia Stringer
    Some books set in SA by Rosanne Hawke
    The Messenger Bird
    Zenna Dare
    Kerenza: A New Australian
    The Keeper
    Across the Creek
    Finding Kerra

  9. I’ve written and published teenage and young adult novels set in South Australia:
    Joy Ride (Southern Adelaide)
    Caught in the Headlights (Coomandook, Tailem Bend, Meningie region)
    In My Father’s Shadow (Riverlands)
    The Need (Adelaide)

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