In The Margins: A Collaborative Reading Project

In the Margins is a collaborative reading project by the Writers SA regional team through the No Limits program for writers and word lovers aged 30 or under, living in regional South Australia. 

In the Margins is about connecting young regional readers through a supported network and shared outcome. The project will be facilitated virtually through our new online space for South Australian readers based in regional, rural and remote areas — The Regional Readers Room. Book clubs and other literary gatherings are not always available to young rural readers, making reading an often isolating pastime. The Regional Readers Room aims to create book-club-like connections despite physical distance through online conversations and projects like In The Margins

Throughout the project, a selected story will make its way across the state, being passed from reader to reader. As it travels, readers will continue to add their annotations, thoughts and questions in the margins. While the story moves, layers of subtext and context will be added, connecting each reader to the experience of the reader before. These layers will add their own story, following the book as it moves from the outback, along rivers, over hills and through valleys to the coast. 

From these close readings will come a series of short reviews by regional readers and writers under 30. These reviews, gathered from across the state through the project will speak not only to the text but the different contexts in which it was read. 

At the conclusion of the project the annotations in the margins will be gathered together and reviewed as standalone text, resulting in a snapshot into the way we read.

In the Margins is a project by the Writers SA, No Limits regional team, supported by Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund – an Australian Government initiative, and Arts South Australia.

We invite all writers, readers or word lovers based in regional, rural and remote areas to join our virtual space for connection and information sharing. Join here:


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