Nominations Open for ASA Medal

Nominations are invited from members of the Australia Society of Authors for the award of the ASA Medal in 2016. The ASA Medal is awarded biennially to recognise the achievements of an author or illustrator who has made a significant contribution to Australian writing. Such contribution includes, but is not limited to, work which supports, encourages or fosters writing or illustrating and in so doing makes a significant contribution to Australian culture.

The recipient does not have to be a member of the ASA. Authors may be nominated by any member of the ASA, using the official nomination form which is available for download at Authors cannot nominate themselves, and although the consent of the person nominated is not necessary at the time of nomination, consent will be sought by the ASA before any formal announcement of the award is made.

Reasons for nominations, with supporting material, need to be provided at the time of nomination and are limited to 500 words.

The Board of Directors of the ASA will consider each of the nominations and announce the winner at the Annual General Meeting of the ASA in May 2016. For more information visit

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