Read as Ferociously As You Can…

adelaide writers weekWe were joined by Laura Kroetsch, Director, Adelaide Writers’ Week today as she regaled us with her hot tips of – as writers – who we should pay particular attention to during this year’s Adelaide Writers’ Week.

We were also fortunate enough to have Laura impart some solid wisdom about being a writer/author from her many years in the industry and as she self professes ‘gets paid to read books all day’.

 Read as ferociously, broadly and critically as you can.


  • Don’t let your second book be your first book that you didn’t get published. Sometimes, there’s a reason that it didn’t get published.
  • Short stories are really underrated. In my opinion, they are the hardest to write but most rewarding to read.
  • We have to remember that publishing isn’t dead.
  • Read as ferociously, broadly and critically as you can.
  • Read until you can’t read a bad sentence.
  • A great writer will tell you that they write sentences – that’s how they become great.
The Status of the Writer in Australia.
  • You can write your way there.
  • It’s fine to be idle.
  • Don’t be afraid to chuck it, especially if it’s no good.
  • Give yourself space and time to write.
  • Read poetry – there are no spare words in poetry.
Publishing in Australia.


For her hot picks, check out Laura’s Adelaide Writers’ Week blog.


The Critics and Australian Writing.

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