Seven Musts for Online Promotion

Hi peeps,
Cassandra Dean here, with a few hints and tips for online promotion and marketing as a writer!

1. Have a website. Make the design of it simple and easy to use. Update it regularly.
2. Blog. Blog regularly. Blog often. Blog about random shizz you’re convinced no one wants to read about – funnily enough, they probably do!
3. Develop a social media presence. Facebook, twitter, pin, instagram, tumble away…but remember no one likes a spammer.
4. Engage your readers with bits and pieces, sneak peaks and updates. Tell them how you’re researching the first instance of a Frog Cake in South Australia or how you are constantly stunned that Wikipedia is a glorious amalgamation of tids and bitstm_lg. These interactions will build a rapport with your readers.
5. Make friends with your fellow authors and then pick their brains. There are a lot of very savvy people out there, and why do the work when you don’t have to?
6. Your publisher will be only too happy to help. Run ideas past them, see what they say. Remember, they’re just as interested in selling millions of copies of your book as you are.
7. Finally, the very best promo – write your next book!

Cassandra Dean will be holding a workshop on navigating the often scary world of the internet for writers at the Centre on 8th June. Click here for more details. Cassandra is a multi-published author in both ebook and print. She has previously presented at South Australian Romance Writers Conference.

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