Elyne Mitchell Writing Awards announce our 2019 theme:

“New Beginnings” – with a strong flavour of the rural experience

We invite all eager writers across Australia and New Zealand, to enter our 2019 short story competition. We chose this theme for its appealing familiarity, and I am sure that you’ve all encountered new beginnings. These can be joyous memories or unwanted upheavals.

We accept both fiction and non-fiction short stories of up to 2500 words.  You may enter as many stories as you wish. Please refer to the attached flyer for finer details.

Here at the Elyne Mitchell Writing Awards we offer a new beginning for an open photo story competition, in the hope of satisfying the aspiring shutterbugs amongst us.  Just submit an image referencing an Australasian rural experience accompanied by approximately 100 words on what the photograph means to you.

For details on how to enter, head to the competition page.

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