ArtAscent – ‘Paradise’: International Call For Artists and Writers

| Eligible Submissions: 

Entries may include 2- and 3-dimensional media, such as paintings, drawings, photography, mixed media, installations, ceramics, jewelry, fabric, sculpture, fiction, poetry, short stories and other written explorations (up to 900 words). Submissions must be the original work of the applicant(s). Apply using the online form.

| Theme: 

What is paradise to you? To many, it’s an idyllic state, a place of extreme beauty or happiness, an overwhelmingly lovely place visited on a holiday, a Utopia. It’s different for everyone. How does paradise look to you? How does it feel? Have you created your own? Have you lost it? Seen it, just out of reach? Has your definition of Paradise changed over the years? Is it a place, a taste, a memory, a dream for the future? Share your PARADISE story with words or imagery.

(Submissions focusing on religious deities/systems are generally not the focus of ArtAscent. Spiritual/zen/love vibes are welcome)

| Highlights: 

Be profiled, get published, and shine on! Up to 40 applicants will be selected. Plus, if you are chosen as one of the top 4 applicants, you will also be highlighted in a feature section with a profile written about you and your work. All selected artists and writers are showcased in the magazine and the juried online exhibition. 

| About ArtAscent: 

The mission of ArtAscent is to promote artists of images and words, and connect them with art lovers. This is accomplished by calls for artists and writers, artist profiling, art magazine publication, and artist and writer online showcasing. Each call is theme based, with the intent to showcase diverse creative explorations of that theme via various media. This marketing tool is created by artists and writers, for artists and writers. ArtAscent provides the opportunity for the voices of writers and visions of artists to be shared in a professional and accessible platform. We are a bright community of creatives and art lovers.

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