2020 Women’s Writing Prize

1st prize Short Fiction $1000 & 1st prize Poetry $500

The 2020 Heroines Women’s Writing Prize & Anthology is now open for submissions of short fiction and poetry. The Heroines Anthology is a collection of stories of women written by women. Works with a particular focus on telling lost women’s history, untold stories, and reimagined myths, fairy tales, folklore or legends, or speculative fiction, are particularly encouraged.


  • We only accept submissions from writers who identify as women.

  • We accept previously published work as long as you retain the right to publish it and it has not previously won an award.

  • We expect all work to demonstrate respect for others.

  • While we accept submissions of work for publication in the Anthology from outside of Australia, the prize will only be awarded to someone residing in, or a citizen of, Australia.

For details on how to enter, head to the prize page.

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