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Writing Australia, the collaborative network of state writers’ centres, including ACT, NSW, NT, SA, Tasmania and Victoria, launched its inaugural Digital Writers in Residence program in 2014, facilitated by Writers SA. From June 2014 to January 2015, writers from each state and territory took up digital residencies to blog, host readings, forums, talks and discussions. Each residency had its own unique focus. Writers SA has continued the project. Get in touch if you’re interest in taking part.


Anthony Noceraanthony-nocera

Anthony is a freelance writer and full-time homosexual. His work has appeared in Krass Journal, The Suburban Review and mous magazine, among others. He hosts ‘The Range’ every Friday on Radio Adelaide and is the literature editor of feud magazine.

In his own words…

I read an article once from a gay writer about how he felt he didn’t have any history help him understand himself as a gay man, which I think is more than a little bit bullshit. Queer people made their own, informal, spaces within (outside of or perhaps even in between) social structures that allowed for them to safely express themselves and their sexuality. One of those key spaces was beats, where we used to (and still do) hook up. Hook Up is a zine documenting my own personal experiences hooking up and having sex as a gay man, and it will be paired with a companion podcast made up of personal hook up stories of different types of gay men.

As a community, we do have history and stories to tell, Hook Up is an exercise in documenting these experiences – in recording them and writing them down – so that we have them to go back to, laugh at and be a little bit grossed out by.




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