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A Day with Lee Kofman


*This event books you for both workshops with Dr Lee Kofman* Please click individual event links to book into single workshops.


Introduction to Creative Non-Fiction

10:30am to 1:30pm

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Creative non-fiction is an expansive and exciting genre that includes many popular sub-genres, such as memoir, political or familial biography, poetic personal essays, investigative journalism, true crime and travel writing, and much more that resist easy categorisation. In this workshop you will learn about the main genres and the common principles in gripping creative non-fiction writing, such as making the author into a character, writing vivid prose, developing a narrative journey, and incorporating research seamlessly.

Learn from one of the best Australian writers in the business, Lee Kofman (VIC), about how to blend beautiful language with serious reportage, how memoir can make cultural and political critique, and how creative non-fiction allows us to explore both internal and external worlds.


Participants will:

  • • explore the various sub-genres of creative nonfiction
  • • learning about writer's voice in creative nonfiction
  • • understanding how to position the writer within the work
  • • learning how to make real people into compelling characters
  • • learning to write creative nonfiction vividly


Writing Through Discomfort 

2:30pm to 5:30pm

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"What do you do when your husband claims to be madly in love with you, but doesn't desire you sexually? When your therapist is more interested in opening an online sex-toy shop with your husband than in saving your marriage? Do you try yet another counsellor, get divorced or settle for a sexless marriage?" — On Lee Kofman's The Dangerous Bride: A Memoir of Love, Gods and Geography

"By the time she was eleven and living in the Soviet Union, Lee Kofman had undergone several major operations on both a defective heart and injuries sustained in a bus accident. Her body harbours a constellation of disfiguring scars that have shaped her sense of self and her view of the world." – On Lee Kofman's Imperfect


Writers’ best works usually dwell in the caves of shame. Shame is a reliable barometer to detect those urgent stories we need to tell. But how to dare, and find the right language, to write about what makes us or others uncomfortable? Find the courage to write about what matters to you and work through ethical issues involved (in both fiction and non-fiction), using practical exercises and strategies to make literature out of the uncomfortable.


Participants will learn:

  • • how discomfort can be a writing tool
  • • about strategies to write more courageously
  • • to find distance from our discomfort
  • • to use humour to help with discomfort
  • • to use vivid writing to help with discomfort


Dr Lee Kofman is a Russian-born, Israeli-Australian author of three fiction books and two memoirs: Imperfect (Affirm Press, 2019), which was shortlisted for Nib Literary Award 2019, and The Dangerous Bride (Melbourne University Press, 2014), co-editor of Rebellious Daughters (Ventura Press, 2016) and editor of Split (2019, Ventura Press) – anthologies of personal essays by prominent Australian authors. Her short fiction, creative non-fiction, journalism and poetry have been widely published in Australia, US, UK, Scotland, Israel and Canada. Her writing received numerous awards and her blog about the writing process was a finalist for Best Australian Blogs 2014.

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Full Price $180 / Writers SA Members Price $120

Venue: Flinders University, Level 10, 182 Victoria Square, Adelaide

Price: A$180.00

Start Time: 10:30 am
End Time: 5:30 pm

Date: March 14, 2020

Flinders University
Level 10
182 Victoria Square
Adelaide, SA
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