Mutant Stepchildren

The Mutant Stepchildren welcome beginning writers and well-seasoned professionals alike. Their requirement for membership is that you write speculative fiction – which includes science fiction, and fantasy, and other manifestations of fantastic literature.

If you write about ancient super-science, realities that dissolve and reform like mist, intelligent alien creatures from other galaxies, futures where machines have replaced humans, journeys to the furthest points of the universe, human beings with the power of the gods endowed by science and technology, magic realms where wizards and witches battle for the souls of mere mortals, monsters with human hearts, about heroes and heroines struggling against the forces of darkness, shapeshifters who catch the bus home on King William Street, and if you want to dream on the written page about worlds different from the common day reality, then you are invited to join the Mutant Stepchildren.

Their group provides feedback and assessment on the writing of its members, discusses technical problems and other aspects of writing and publishing speculative fiction.

Speculative fiction is a broad field of literature including the following subgenres and their related areas of fantastic and imaginative literature such as:

Alternative histories; apocalyptic literature; biotechnological science fiction; cyberpunk; cosmological fables; dystopian worlds or futures; ecological mysteries; environmental science-fiction; eschatological visions; extropian fiction; far-future fables; fantasy; fantastic adventure; futuristic fiction; galactic adventure; hard fantasy; hard-science sf; high fantasy; horror; interstellar epics; logical fantasy; magic realism; metaphysical fantasias; military sf; near-future fiction; paranormal romance; paranormal thrillers; planetary romance; ribopunk; science fantasy; science fiction; soft-science sf; space adventure; space opera; steampunk; supernatural fantasy or horror; sword & sorcery; technofantasies; technothrillers; time opera; time travellers’ tales; utopian futures; vampire fiction: weird fantasy; and even the occasional zombie  apocalypse. Humour is welcome too.

The Mutant Stepchildren provides feedback and assessment on the writings of its members, discusses the technical problems and aspects of writing speculative fiction, and issues about getting speculative fiction published.

For more information contact Jeff Harris at [email protected]. Please put “Mutant Stepchildren” in the subject line of your message.

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