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April – June

As a writer and filmmaker, Aimee is deeply passionate about non-fiction and documentary disciplines. She digs gender equality, sexual diversity, multiculturalism and good mental health. She froths for pop culture comment, travel writing, TV recaps and all things kawaii.

After paying her dues in a DVD store, Flinders University granted Aimee license to filmmake in 2009. Since then she’s founded her own production company, worked at a plethora of arts festivals, and made docos and dramas that have screened around the world. Also, she once danced on stage with Bruce Springsteen. Soak that up.

With training in film theory plus extensive industry experience, Aimee creates insightful, provocative and timely debate that breaks the cyclical influence of mass media. Get familiar with her work here and watch for future words on Junkee, AWOL, Rip It Up, and more. She tweets and ‘grams @aimeeknightout. If you want to say ‘hi’, she won’t make it weird.

What she’ll be working on during her time here:

Would you rather your baby be raised by Bob Geldof or a dingo? This humorous hypothetical posed between workmates sent writer, filmmaker and pop culture vulture Aimee Knight into an existential crisis she’s yet to clamber out of. Beyond the Mowgli Chamberlain implications, it triggered an impulse to analyse the ways in which Australians see and hear themselves in popular culture. Dingo Danger: Essays on Aussie Pop Culture will examine the social issues discussed in Antipodean film, TV, music and more.

By piecing together the pop cultural fragments that shape our country’s sense of self, Aimee will dissect the idea of Aussie pride. In a lucky country still suffering from a Colonial hangover, whose voices determine our national identity? From Walkabout to Whispering Jack, can we ever outrun the idea of the outback? Dingo Danger lies ahead.

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