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Here at Writers SA we are very excited to announce a change to our Teen Writers Club for the last half of 2019. Due to popular demand, we’ve introduced a second group! We’ll be now running groups morning and afternoon and have loosely split the ages to help foster closer writing relationships.

I bet you’re asking yourself, as a parent, what are the benefits to your teen joining our program? A very valuable part of the club is the social aspect. Spending time with kids around your own age who share a passion for books and writing cannot be compared or replaced. You should encourage your child’s love of literature from as young an age as you possibly can. Then let us take over! Our program offers guidance and choices in genre, style and publishing pathways they probably won’t get from their high school English class. They can just sit back and listen or they can actively take part, ask questions, make connections.

Each Saturday group will be overseen by Jason Fischer, a published author and mentor, who will be assisted by our wonderful volunteer, Emma, who has been fostering the program for quite some time and generously giving up all of her Saturdays for us.


Just in case you want to know about some famous teen writers who hit it big before they were 20, we’ve listed a few.

At just 15, USA born author Christopher Paolini released book one of the Inheritance Cycle, Eragon, in 2011 and has sold over 20 million copies of his titles since then.

Kat Zhang sold her trilogy, The Hybrid Chronicles, when she was 19. To top off her awesomeness, she only queried for 2 months before being picked up by an agent (!!) and she wrote while balancing her senior year of high school.

Kody Keplinger was 17 when she wrote The Duff and it was published when she was 19. And, as you’ve probably heard/seen, The Duff is now a movie as well.

Steph Bowe is, firstly, AUSTRALIAN! Secondly, she sold her book when she was just 15, which is seriously young and she’s amazing. Her first book is Girl Saves Boy.


If you’re now wondering if your child’s unique individuality will be embraced by the existing members, the answer is yes! Every one of our sessions is inclusive in every way and if your child is unsure about new situations, you can hang around downstairs and read a book in the library while they’re making friends upstairs.


Our Teen Writers Club fills up fast so don’t wait! Make your bookings and view our full teen program here.




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