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There are few creative endeavours that are as much a labour of love as writing a book. From the inception of an idea through to the final printing, the time, hard work, and dedication writers pour into their work speaks to the artistry and love of the craft that Australian writers hold. At the National Library of Australia, our purpose is to be the keeper of Australia’s published history. From small print editions of indie-published books, to award winning literary novels, through to genre fiction titles which have sold in the millions of copies, every book published by an Australian or published in Australia has a place in our collection where it will be preserved and kept accessible for the future.

Building a collection of all of Australia’s publications is not an easy task. Thankfully, the National Library is supported in its collecting role by legal deposit laws.  Legal deposit requires that works published in Australia be deposited with the National Library, and with the relevant the state or territory library.  By contributing, publishers participate in ensuring that the national collection continues to grow inclusively and comprehensively. The National Library holds works of every genre, every style, and every type of published from traditionally published through to indie published. The National Library collects and cares for all Australian publications.

When we say published, we mean works that have been made available to the public, for free or for sale. Legal deposit applies to both print and digital publications; the National Library accepts both and if a book has been published electronically this is our preferred format to receive. Writers who publish independently or in a hybrid publishing arrangement are responsible for contributing their own work to the national collection, even if they use an international service to publish. Legal deposit has been a law for over 100 years in Australia and means that the National Library is a caretaker of books which would not have survived otherwise. For a writer, legal deposit ensures that a record of your work is held and preserved into the future. The journeys of our greatest storytellers and collective history can be plotted out from the works which the National Library holds.

If you have published traditionally, you can check if your work has been contributed by your publisher by checking our catalogue. If you find it is missing, encourage your publisher to deposit now. Independent publishers can find information about how to deposit either in print or electronically on the National Library’s website. Legal deposit also applies in each state and territory for writers and publishers who reside in those states and territories. All Australian stories deserve a safe home. Make sure yours takes its place on our shelves.

Write yourself into history. Deposit your book today.

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