Nature Festival Writing Workshops

Join Writers SA and The City of Port Adelaide Enfield for a series of Nature Writing Workshops on October 7 at Parks Library. Starting at just $30, there’s self-editing, dystopias and utopias, children’s and YA settings, and self-publishing to choose from. Just click on the images above or the links below to book. Writers SA’s Bronwyn Tilley will be on hand on the day for a chat too.

Living Landscapes Writing Workshops

Parks Library

Saturday 7 Oct 2023

Want to learn how to craft stories with nature at their heart?

Book a masterclass with award-winning writer Charlie Achbold on writing place for young readers, follow Shane Meyer on a journey to self-publishing, learn how to self-edit with Sumudu Narayana, or plunge into the world of Speculative Fiction with Roanna McClelland.

Nature Writing Masterclass: The Importance of Place in Children’s and YA with Charlie Archbold

10am – 1pm

Cost: $55

Recognised for her ability to ground a story in a particular setting, in this masterclass Charlie Archbold will discuss how writing characteristics of place adds depth and authenticity to stories, allowing the reader the potential to imagine places they’ve never been. Participants will explore how audience and readership guide where you set your story and how places take on their own identity in fiction. You’ll discover how point of view can change the way writers write place and delve into the role of place to develop character backstories.

This masterclass is an opportunity for aspiring and emerging writers, across genres, to build skills in this important element of narrative writing. Come prepared to engage in writing exercises that will ground your story and add light and shade to your plot, characters, and dialogue.

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Nature Writing Masterclass: Nature in Utopias and Dystopias with Roanna McClelland

10am – 1pm

Cost: $55

Winning the Wakefield Press Unpublished Manuscript prize was a dream come true for Roanna McClelland who captivates her readers with a dystopian water world set in a distant future in The Comforting Weight of Water. Explore how you can create your own unique landscapes no matter the genre, by taking the natural elements of this world and plunging them into new imagined futures that might include floods, famines or feast times, or even fallout. 

This masterclass is an opportunity for all writers to learn new skills, across genres, in this important nature element of world building. Come prepared to engage in writing exercises that explore nature in all her forms and futures

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Self-publishing with Shane Meyer

2pm – 3.30pm

Cost: $30

Join self-published children’s book author Shane Meyer as he walks you through the process of self-publishing your own picture book, from illustrations and book covers, to blurbs and marketing hooks, so much more!  Participants will leave with a publishing checklist and will have plenty of time during the Q+A to ask those burning questions!

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Self-editing with Sumudu Narayana

2pm – 4pm

Cost: $30

Writing a novel is often a lengthy and complicated process with an order of sorts. You’ve nailed the plot and characters, written the first draft and then…edited it? There’s a lot of information and advice in publishing circles and author groups about the editing process but it’s so much more than a proofread to catch missed words, bad grammar or incorrect spelling.  Join editor Sumudu Narayana to explore the terms and orders of editing, examine big picture elements, and learn common mistakes as well as what fills editors with dread!

Participants will take away a self-editing checklist. Open to writers of all fiction.

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Hosted by City of PAE in partnership with Writers SA. Presented as part of Nature Festival

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