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As a writer, spreadsheets are your friend. No really. They’re the perfect way keep track of your writing, whether it’s a catalogue of your pitches to literary journals or publications, queries to agents and publishers, or competition submissions.

If you’d rather spend your time writing than in Excel, we’re here for you.

We’ve designed the ultimate spreadsheet submission/ story/ pitch tracker template, so you can get organised and focus on the words. Whether you’re a freelancer, poet, novelist, creative or non-fiction writer, it will help you to manage deadlines, track your submissions, keep a record of your stories and more.

Why keep track of your submissions?

  • Get organised. What are my best opportunities for submission right now? What open calls am I interested in? What stories are pending and when will I likely hear back? Which of my stories are available for publication?  Keep notes on different journals, competitions, and deadlines all in one place.
  • First impressions count. Don’t send out the same pitch or story to the same place twice. You’ll have a one-stop record of all of your past submissions.
  • Manage your budget. How much are you spending on entering competitions or residencies? Manage it all in one place.
  • Understand your confidence level. How often are you sending your work out there? Do you need to focus on submitting more frequently, or is it time for revising, editing, or creating the work?
  • Refine your skills and get your words out there. You’ve written the story – now get it out there! A systematic approach to publishing will not only help you think of yourself as a professional writer, it can also help you to focus on making sure your words find the right home before you move onto your next idea. You can also see quickly and easily what worked – and what didn’t – to help refine your future approach.

How to save or download:

Click here.

*To save to your Google Docs: select File, and then Make a Copy and hit OK

*To download it to your computer: select File and then Download As and select Microsoft Excel.

We’ve created a blank template for you to change to edit to suit your specific needs. Happy writing!

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