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Blogs are a great source of writing advice and industry insight; they’re up there with reading a book or doing a workshop. They are varied and can respond quickly to news or changes in writing and publishing.

Here are some stellar blogs that have won awards or caught the eye of readers across the web.


Alexis Grant’s The Write Life provides articles on freelancing, marketing, blogging, self publishing, craft and getting published. 

C.S. Lakin blogs about writing and provides resources for writers on her website.

Christine Frazier’s Better Novel Project is all about deconstructing bestsellers, discovering what elements they have in common, and using these elements as a backbone for a new master outline.

Chuck Wendig is a novelist, screenwriter and game designer who blogs his writing advice.

Darcy Pattison’s Fiction Notes provides writers with tips, strategies and inspiration.

Jami Gold blogs about all things writing and offers some detailed worksheets for writers.

Jane Friedman hosts a range of resources on publishing, editing, marketing and freelancing.

Janice Hardy’s Fiction University provides writing articles on Mondays and Wednesdays; a How They Do It column with visiting authors and publishing professionals on Tuesdays; an Indie Authors column on Thursday, a refresher, rerun article on Fridays; and real life diagnostics on Saturdays and Sundays.

Jeff Goins shares articles on writing, ideas, marketing and making a difference.

Joe Bunting’s The Write Practice hosts blog posts on all things writing.

Jonathan Gunson’s Bestseller Labs contains practical advice on how to get published and how to grow your readership.

K.M. Weiland can help you structure your story, scenes and character arcs.

Kristen Lamb blogs to writers of all levels.

Lauren Sapala writes articles that are meant to nourish, heal, spark, and empower your creative flame.

Novel Publicity provides marketing, editing, and design services for all authors, regardless of their paths to publication.

Novel Rocket consists of articles from writers about craft.

Pub Crawl consists of a group of authors and publishing professionals (formerly known as Let the Words Flow) who blog about all things reading, writing, books.

Rachel Aaron blogs about writing and selling books.

Romance University is dedicated to helping romance writers establish and advance their careers.

The Book Designer covers all aspects of self publishing. 

The Procrastiwriter shares tips perfect for the procrastinating writer.

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