Creative Offices Available at The Mill

A handful of Creative Offices that are becoming available at The Mill and they would love to see some writers in the space again. The Mill offices

Creative Industry Offices start at 3 x 4 meters and 24 hour access, lockable doors, windows, Internet and access to kitchen, gallery and soft space (they are each different shapes and sizes). They provide opportunities for creative enterprises to have a private office in a professional and arts compatible environment at an affordable rate.

Its more than the physical stuff that you get here at The Mill, we provide a supported network and connections to develop your business, you’ll find that you will have many opportunities for collaboration and creative conversations in a space that facilities your business. We get you out of your bedroom/cafes, and into a lifestyle that you design for yourself. We also have an in-house coffee man on hand for that caffeine fix, or to share with a client.
Prices of the offices start from $100 per week, the prices are below. We don’t arrange hot-desking (shared office spaces), BUT we DO rent out an office space and allow you to share it with other people. We do this so that you can choose how you want your space set up and who you work alongside of. We have had offices with up to 5 people sharing at any one time. This works better because we believe that if you are having clients etc visit you then you should be in a space that best represents you.

Here below is some info about some of the spaces that we have coming available, not sure if you would want to directly share the info below, or we can just pass it on when people email us:


OFFICE 2: 5.17 x 3.52. $160 + GST p/w (Windows, Bright Contained office, has housed a collective of 5 working together)

OFFICE 3: 5.17 x 3.15. $150 + GST p/w w (Windows, Bright Contained office, has been creative make-up office, graphic design suite, jewellery production, has blackboard wall)

OFFICE 6: 5.16 x 3.32. $180 + GST p/w (Large office which has housed fashion, photography and design groups, has whited out wall for small product shots)

OFFICE 8: 2.25 x 3.32. $110 + GST p/w (bright office, ideal for hot-desking/sharing- has been many things including producers office and film editing suite)


To make a space enquiry please contact: [email protected]


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