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Building Your Online Profile

with Kate Larsen (a.k.a. Katie Keys or @tinylittlepoems)

Social media, author websites and marketing. It’s more important than ever for writers to think about our online presence – even before you've been published – in order to be discovered by publishers, agents, readers and fellow writers. Join literary sector leader and social media poet Kate Larsen to find out what options are available to use online, how to use different websites and platforms to your best advantage, and how to balance your writing time alongside the time you need to spend building your brand as a writer.

Price: General Admission A$115.00

Date: January 27, 2019

Available Spaces: 8

First Draft 2019

A 5-month program for writers working towards completing their first full length manuscript

February–June 2018

Are you looking for structured support and a strong peer network to help you finish your book? Writers SA's First Draft program provides fortnightly writing group meetings, a tailored workshop series, professional feedback and consultations, and peer-group support to keep you on track to complete your first draft by halfway through the year.

This program is suitable for anyone working on a long-form writing project, including fiction and narrative nonfiction in any genre, including poetry.

Price: General Admission A$1,350.00

Date: February 1, 2019

Available Spaces: 4

Getting Started

with Matthew Cropley

Keen to leap into writing but not sure where to start? Looking for beginner’s inspiration or to reignite a lost passion? Then this is the workshop to help you realise your creative and professional dreams. Full of practical tips and honest advice, this workshop details how to establish good writing practices and where to find the support and resources available to early-career writers. It will also help you identify your publication goals and how to achieve them.

Price: General Admission A$115.00

Date: February 3, 2019

Available Spaces: 12


Do you struggle to find time to write? Are you too distracted by the Book of Face or binge-watching TV series? Do you ever think to yourself, ‘If only I just had a solid day to write, I’d get so much done’? Then TWELVE, the literary lock-in, is for you. 

"TWELVE" means no excuses, no limits, no distractions. Crank your writing projects up to boiling point with twelve hours of uninterrupted writing. You’ll be surprised how much you can get done.

Whether you’re starting a novel, finishing a work-in-progress, or just looking for time to focus, TWELVE is the way to do it.


Price: General Admission A$115.00

Date: February 9, 2019

Available Spaces: 6

Point of View

with Helen Dinmore


First person or third person? These are the two most common points of view in storytelling, but what are the strengths and weaknesses of each, and which will best serve your story? Join us for an in-depth look at how these two viewpoints work and the power of narrative perspective.

Price: General Admission A$115.00

Date: February 9, 2019

Available Spaces: 17

Giving and Receiving Feedback That Works

with Rebekah Clarkson

There comes a time in every writing project when another set of eyes is needed. Most writers crave feedback that is both encouraging and constructive. But how do you find good feedback? The kind that understands what you are trying to do and helps you get there? Are writing groups useful and what are the best ways to run them?

Price: General Admission A$115.00

Date: February 16, 2019

Available Spaces: 11

Beginnings & Endings

with Vikki Wakefield


‘Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over, she began to fly.’


Beginnings are hard, and endings can be elusive, but one cannot exist without the other. Never letting go of the thread, the vital connection between the first scene and the last, is what makes a story complete and unforgettable.

Price: General Admission A$115.00

Date: February 16, 2019

Available Spaces: 18

Non-Fiction Basics

with Jo Case

Get the vital tools to write non-fiction across a range of areas – reviews, interviews, feature articles, opinion writing and memoir – from someone who's been published in them all, and has worked as a commissioning editor. You'll learn the nuts-and-bolts of these crafts in this essential day-long workshop.

Price: General Admission A$180.00

Date: February 23, 2019

Available Spaces: 12

Writing a Brilliant Backstory

with Sandy Vaile

Where did your character come from and what made them the person they are in your book? What events led to the situation they're in right now? Compelling backstories are important to create three-dimensional characters and worlds, yet often it's easy to fall into the trap of information dumps or boring exposition.

This workshop will give you the tools to develop a rich backstory, determine which parts are relevant to the reader, and how to release it in a way that drives a compelling main story.

Price: General Admission A$115.00

Date: March 16, 2019

Available Spaces: 15

Anatomy of a Book

with Jennifer Mills

Do you have an idea for a novel, but don’t know where to begin? Started to write, and stalled because you can’t see how to proceed?

This full day workshop with one of Australia’s finest fiction writers will help you learn the practical skills you need in the early stages of a book: approaching that daunting first draft, developing voice and character, understanding structure and planning, and making your writing practice sustainable.

Price: General Admission A$180.00

Date: March 17, 2019

Available Spaces: 17

Category Romance Boot Camp

with Trish Morey and Clare Connelly

Category romance novels are a form of commercial fiction that includes many sub-genres of romance, and they're usually about 200 pages long. They're an immensely popular type of book, and they're certainly not going anywhere.

Telling a love story that packs an emotional punch in only 50,000 words is an art form, and can be a financially successful one. What are the rules/tools of writing really great category romances, and how do you go about getting published, traditionally or indie? What are the different lines, and their requirements, and how should you start working out which you’re best suited to write?

For anyone who’s flirted with the idea of writing for this satisfying form of storytelling, this one-day course will answer all your questions and arm you with the tools you’ll need to give it a go! With insights into publishing trends and the realities of this kind of career, come along and meet two authors who are passionate about category romance!

Price: General Admission A$180.00

Date: March 23, 2019

Available Spaces: 15

Dynamic Dialogue

with Victoria Purman

More than simply a conversation between characters, dialogue is a powerful tool that reveals story, character, and history, and sets the tone for your book. But how do you translate spoken dialogue to the page? And how do you make characters sound like real people, and not cardboard cut-outs?

Price: General Admission A$115.00

Date: March 31, 2019

Available Spaces: 20

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Adelaide City Library members receive a discount off the full price of selected Writers SA workshops. Please contact the Adelaide City Libraries to receive a promotional code to use when booking.