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Reimagining Faery Tales for Contemporary Fiction

with Margot McGovern (in-person)


Faery tales are enchanting stories steeped in symbol, rite and ritual that speak to our primal fears and hopes. They are also fundamental in shaping our understanding of narrative and spirit us back to childhood. In this workshop we will consider the role of these traditional stories in our society and their continuing resonance for today’s readers. Through a combination of class discussion and creative writing exercises we’ll examine the key tropes and archetypes of these visceral narratives and discover how their enduring magic might be harnessed to create compelling contemporary fiction.

Price: General Admission A$115.00

Date: January 30, 2021

Available Spaces: 5

Teen Writers Club Term One 2021 - Beyond the Page

with Dan Thorsland (in-person, strictly capped*)


Term 1 dates: Jan 30, Feb 6, 13, 20, 27, March 6, 13 & 20

The Teen Writers Club is a place for young writers to make new connections, be inspired, and develop their writing. We provide a safe, fun and engaging program for passionate high school writers of all interests, ages and abilities.

The club meets on Saturdays during school term, and is guided by Writers SA staff, mentors and a guest teacher. The program is shaped by the interests of the group, and they’re supported to set and achieve their own writing goals.

We provide creative workshops, information on the industry and careers, mentoring, and the opportunity for support for school-based writing projects.


Kicking off 2020 in term one is Dan Thorsland, editor, writer, video and film producer, who contributed to Superwoman, Wonder Woman and Star Wars comic series when he worked for DC and Dark Horse.

Price: General Admission A$200.00

Date: January 30, 2021

Available Spaces: 5

Pitching to Media

with Michelle Prak (online)


Your writing has been published – now you want to promote it! You’ve got your social media pages set up, you’ve collected some reviews, and you’ve spruiked your work to everyone you know. Now, what part can the news media play in helping to share your work with the world?

This Zoom session will delve into the world of traditional news media: newspapers, radio and TV. It’s a competitive space and it’s not easy to get coverage, but this workshop will provide you with insights and advice, led by a PR practitioner who has worked with the media for more than 20 years.


Price: General Admission A$50.00

Date: February 2, 2021

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Editing: Tighten Your Narration

with Alexandra Nahlous (online)


Too often, the task of redrafting is overwhelming for a writer. You know the story isn’t yet perfect, but you’re not quite sure how to proceed with examining it, and maybe even pulling it apart to find the weak spots. The great news is that you can edit your way to a better draft.

Price: General Admission A$50.00

Date: February 16, 2021

Available Spaces: 9989

First Draft with Sean Williams

with Sean Williams


Are you looking for professional support and a strong peer network to help you finish your book? If you're working on a first draft or a draft that just isn't working, Writers SA's First Draft program can help you shape your novel and stay on track.  

Price: General Admission A$1,350.00

Date: February 17, 2021

Available Spaces: 18

Writing Sex with Krissy Kneen

with Krissy Kneen (online)


You've heard of the Bad Sex Awards, but why have we never heard of awards for good sex writing? Is it really that hard to write about one of the central activities of humankind? Some writers say it is. Join Krissy Kneen for a workshop that demystifies writing about sex. Through a series of exercises, discussions and readings, this workshop will get you up and writing sex scenes, finding the words and phrases that best suit your style when writing sex and giving you the confidence to do it.

Price: General Admission A$95.00

Date: February 20, 2021

Available Spaces: 9996

Manuscript Incubator with Victoria Purman

with Victoria Purman (online)


If you're looking for support to turn your final draft into a submittable or publishable product, then this is the series for you. Maybe you got to ‘the end’ but feel something is missing? Maybe your story started in the wrong place and you need help seeing the ‘bigger picture’? If you're a little further along on your journey and looking for support and advice, join Victoria Purman to hone your craft, dialogue, plotting, pacing and structure, and get encouragement for the process of re-drafting and finessing your manuscript for your chosen market.

Price: General Admission A$1,350.00

Date: February 24, 2021

Available Spaces: 23

Nature Writing with Rebecca Giggs

with Rebecca Giggs (online)


This workshop focuses on writing about nature, from the grandeur of a mountain range and the bewitching ocean-depths, to nature as we find much closer to home; in local parklands, and perhaps even in our gardens. How does nonfiction, as a human artform, access and represent the non-human world? How do we make facts and real experiences come alive on the page? If you've loved books by authors such as Robert Macfarlane (Underland 2019), Helen Macdonald (H is for Hawk 2014), or Barry Lopez (Arctic Dreams 1989), then you've dabbled in nature writing as a reader. But you don't have to be familiar with the history of the genre to get something out of this practical introduction.

Price: General Admission A$95.00

Date: March 6, 2021

Available Spaces: 10

Short Story Fundamentals

with Ellen van Neerven (online)


This session is all about the short story by exploring some approaches to the form, ways of thinking about the work that it can do, and some possible ideas about exactly what it is and what it might be. Working from a number of examples and ideas from contemporary short stories, it will look at ways to write fiction that’s engaging but also brief.

Price: General Admission A$50.00

Date: March 9, 2021

Available Spaces: 9991

Character Clinic with Graeme Simsion

with Graeme Simsion (online)


Simple plot, complex characters, says the literary author. Their popular fiction counterpart knows that a great plot might be the basis of a bestseller but a great character can support a series. The theorists tell us that character drives plot and plot illuminates character. So characters are important. But most of us have more reliable tools for generating plot than characters. Those ‘know your character’ questionnaires—favourite band, star sign, favourite subject at school—can take a lot of time without generating much that you actually use. This interactive session will teach you a few powerful techniques for creating and defining characters, their backstories and their interaction with the plot.

Price: General Admission A$95.00

Date: March 13, 2021

Available Spaces: 9995

Work Space: March Edition

Work Space: March Edition

When writers work together, something magical happens, and Writers SA's Work Space is back in-person! Work Space is a physical place to get together with other writers and just write. Over the course of a day, we'll dig deep to hit those word count goals. Whether you're planning to write a novel in a month or get a neglected creative project back on track, this day is designed for you to carve out some hardcore writing time.

Price: General Admission A$0.00

Date: March 21, 2021

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Writing Magical Realism

This event was rescheduled from a previous cancellation and is sold out. (please contact to be added to a waitlist)


with Vikki Wakefield (in-person event*)


Magical Realism embraces the odd, the unusual, the mythical and the magical, by altering the world in which we already exist. Often considered the weird kid at the literary table, Magical Realism has yielded some of our most celebrated literature—stories that blend the ordinary with the extraordinary without justification or explanation. But is it a true genre, a style, or a complex literary mode? Do we need a label? Are there rules and conventions?

Price: General Admission A$115.00

Date: March 27, 2021

Available Spaces: 0

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