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Online Workshops

Teens Writers Club Term 3 2020 (online)

Term 3 dates: Saturdays, July 18th to September 5th, 10:30am to 12:00pm

**Please note that the club will be continuing to use an online platform for all of term 3


The Teen Writers Club is a place for young writers to make new connections, be inspired, and develop their writing. We provide a safe, fun and engaging program for passionate high school writers of all interests, ages and abilities.

The club meets on Saturdays during school term using the Zoom platform until social distancing measures are relaxed. It is guided by Writers SA staff, mentors and a guest teacher. The program is shaped by the interests of the group, and they’re supported to set and achieve their own writing goals.

Price: General Admission A$200.00

Date: July 18, 2020

Available Spaces: 16

Showing vs Telling

with Sandy Vaile


You’ve heard the show, don’t tell adage a million times but has anyone ever explained where and when to apply it? This workshop is for fiction writers who want to decipher the contradictions in this mantra so they can avoid author intrusion and maximise emotive details.

Price: General Admission A$50.00

Date: August 15, 2020

Available Spaces: 9971

Crime Writing: The Devil and the Details

with TJ Hamilton


Have you ever watched a police procedural show or read novels and wondered where the writers get their information? TJ Hamilton is a former Sydney police officer turned author, who uses her knowledge to advise and consult on numerous Australian TV dramas and she’s going to tell you how and where.

This workshop will teach you how to hone in your research skills to make your stories authentic and relatable to your audience. Most importantly it will answer the question: when does drama become more important than facts in storytelling?

Price: General Admission A$50.00

Date: August 22, 2020

Available Spaces: 9975

The Writer's Journey with Isobelle Carmody

with Isobelle Carmody


Having practiced and honed the art of storytelling over many years, Isobelle will guide participants through a series of exercises designed to allow them to tap into their ability to communicate, to enhance and sharpen creative writing skills. She believes that writing is a journey a writer makes into themselves. The deeper that journey, the more likely it is that the resulting story will find echoes and resonances in the minds and hearts of readers.

Price: General Admission A$50.00

Date: August 25, 2020

Available Spaces: 9965

After the End: Writing Dystopic and Post-Apocalyptic Futures

with James Bradley


From climate catastrophe to pandemics to militant theocracy, the end of the world has never seemed more imminent, or more popular in fiction. This three hour workshop will analyse some of the reasons for the popularity of these dystopic and post-apocalyptic futures, and help participants generate and develop ideas so they can create their own. Topics include tools for inspiration, the pleasures and possibilities of world-building and the challenges of writing about climate change.

Price: General Admission A$95.00

Date: August 29, 2020

Available Spaces: 9987

On-demand - 1001 Paths to Publication

Writers SA presents an on-demand workshop that you can watch in your own time for a short time. Two videos will give an overview of the traditional publishing model in Australia, and overseas, followed by some self-publishing options. You can then download the FAQ's and a spreadsheet with some handy details about which genres are best represented by Australian vs overseas markets.

Price: General Admission A$50.00

Date: August 31, 2020

Available Spaces: 9982

Non-fiction: Finding Your Voice

with Ruby Hamad


Starting out in non-fiction writing can be confusing as well as daunting. From choosing a topic that will keep you inspired and finding the right way to say it, to managing personal expectations and absorbing feedback. Many of us begin writing as a means to both seek understanding and try to understand others. But how do you maintain your vision and voice in a world that claims to value authenticity but so often tries to change it? Truth can be relative and frequently impossible to obtain but sincerity is within everyone's reach.

Price: General Admission A$50.00

Date: September 8, 2020

Available Spaces: 9990

Work Space

with Jessica Alice (via Zoom unless social distancing rules are relaxed)

*This is a Writers SA Member only event. You must be logged in to secure your spot.

*If you are a member of any of the National Writers Centre Network state centres, contact us directly at with your name, phone number, and membership number to make your booking.


When writers work together, something magical happens. Welcome to Work Space, an inspiration-fuelled day of writing, planning, and not-gross networking, designed with you in mind. Over the course of a day, we'll connect over video chat to meet each other and tap into our inner muses. We'll start with creative writing exercises then break out for individual writing time, before getting back together for sharing and workshopping. Most of all, this day is designed for you to carve out some hardcore writing time.

Price: General Admission A$35.00

Date: September 20, 2020

Available Spaces: 18

Member Only Event

Introduction to Self-publishing

with Aislinn Kearns


There are a few tricks to self-publishing successfully and a lot of traps that will slow you down. After writing the best book you can, mostly it’s a combination of luck, a great cover, even better reviews and an advertising schedule and budget, but without understanding how it all works, how will you know if you’re on track?

If you’re struggling with the concept of self-publishing and the actual steps it takes to get your book or your story to a market online or in print, or you’ve loaded your book to a platform but you still aren’t really sure what to do next or how to maximise sales then this workshop is for you.

Price: General Admission A$50.00

Date: September 26, 2020

Available Spaces: 9987

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