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Member Info Sheets

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Writers SA is dedicated to providing members with information and support for your professional and creative development, at any level of your writing career.

We have developed information sheets for Writers SA members, offering guidance and information on the most common writing and publishing topics. These resources contain a wealth of knowledge on writers’ frequently asked questions, on everything from getting a literary agent to self-publishing.

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Info Sheets + Resources

Finding an agent

Everything you need to know about finding and submitting to literary agents. [PDF]


There are different types of editing as you embark on the publication process – whether through a traditional publisher or as a self-publisher. These are some terms you’ll get to know. [PDF]

Writing a synopsis

Summarising your book into a page or two can be a challenge for any writer. Read on for more information and tips. [PDF]

How to get published

So you’ve finished a manuscript and want to get it published? Read on for an overview of how to stand out and head towards a publishing contract. [PDF]


Thinking of diving into self-publishing? Here’s what you need to know. [PDF]

Book cover design

Whether you’re going through a traditional publisher or designing your own cover, here are some things to consider. [PDF]


Grants are an important part of the Australian arts industry, but how do you write a competitive application? Check out our advice and tips. [PDF]

Book launches

A book launch is a great opportunity for you to celebrate your publishing success and kick start the marketing of your new book. [PDF]


Copyright is an economic right that means you, as the creator, can control what happens to your work. [PDF]

Legal issues for writers

Find out more about copyright, defamation and using other peoples’ work. [PDF]

Vanity publishing

Learn more about the traps and pitfalls of vanity publishing, and how it differs from traditional publishing. [PDF]

Writing Craft

Like any artform, writing craft must be learned and developed. Here, we explore the key principles of craft, including plot, setting, characters, dialogue and more. [PDF]

Tax tip for writers

Tips and advice for compiling a tax return as a writer or creative. Read blog post.

Submissions tracker

A template to keep track of your submissions. Download Excel template [Google doc]