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Journalism and Digital Writing Boot Camp - FOR TEENS


Our ever popular teenage boot camp is back! This time we're offering you three days of journalism and digital writing techniques and skills! This fast paced boot camp will include sessions on Creating the Best Blog, How to Interview Like a Journalist, 12 Reasons Why Journalism Will Change Your Life, Writing Reviews, Autobiography plus more!



Creating the Best Blog

9.30am -12:30pm

with Louise Pascale

Blogging is the perfect easy way to self-publish online and it’s a great way for emerging writers to establish themselves online and show off their work. There is an art to blogging as they come in all shapes and forms. However often the biggest hurdle to blogging is just starting it. We kick off the three day program by designing and building our boot camp blog that we’ll be publishing on all week.

This workshop will cover:

  • setting up a blog that is administrated by multiple users
  • uploading content to the site
  • planning and creating pages for the site
  • managing the site
  • tips on setting up a site to meet the demands of the boot camp.

Learn Digital Journalism

1.30pm – 4.30pm

with Rebecca Douglas

Learn how to use your expertise on certain topics and get your first commissions. You’ll find out the best way to write a query email to publishers and how to write for them online and how to best promote yourself and your writing online.

Here’s what will be covered:

  • the editor said yes! What next?
  • help, people are commenting on my stuff - how to deal with fans and haters
  • advantages of blogging, particularly as a beginner writer
  • examples of how other teen/young writers have set up blogs and established themselves as writers.
  • how to use Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and other social media in conjunction with your blog.
  • suggestions of accounts to follow on Twitter
  • how to promote yourself on social media and not earn a bad rep
  • what makes things “shareable” on Twitter and Facebook
  • why having computer skills is increasingly useful for writers – tools to check out and skills to learn
  • sites, tools and books to check out.



 How to Interview Like a Journalist

9.30am -12:30pm

with Louise Heinrich

How do you get stories that matter? Journalists need to hit the streets and meet real people in order to get gritty and fascinating stories. It can be a hard road to get strangers to reveal their truths, but it’s all in a day’s work for a journo. From research to body language, Lou will give you the down low on asking the right questions. What can you expect? A couple of weird videos, a zillion examples, and the chance to escape your comfort zone.

This workshop will cover:

  • preparation, research, and finding subjects,
  • critical thinking
  • presentation and appearance
  • listening skillsand how to control the conversation
  • body language secrets.


Autobiography: everyone has a story

1.30pm – 4.30pm

with David Chapple


Now that you’ve written someone else’s story its time to write a story about yourself. This is your chance to either tell it like it is or to creatively bend the truth. But remember – the truth is almost always stranger than fiction!



Writing Reviews: an introduction

9.30am -12:30pm

with Ben Brooker

Have you ever seen a play, read a book, or been to a movie you have loved or loathed? Ever wanted to tell the world about it? In this workshop you will get to do just that through exploring what it takes to write a review that other people will want to read. Everybody seems to have an opinion these days – this workshop will equip you with everything you need to make yours stand out!

You will learn

  • what to look for when reviewing a work
  • how to clearly and fairly express a strongly-held opinion
  • how to communicate what is was like to read a particular book, see a particular film etc. to somebody who has not experienced it
  • how to structure a review – e.g. balance between description (of things like plot) and judgement (of things like acting)
  • how to back up opinions with evidence and examples.


Your Turn!

1.30pm – 4.30pm

with Louise Pascale

You have spent the past week uploading and maintaining a Wordpress blog for the boot camp now it is time to make your own. Louise returns to help you all set up your own blogs, fill it with content and become your own publisher.

Participants will:

  • set up your own Wordpress site
  • learn the rules of self publishing (including the legal ones)
  • fill it with your own content
  • use social media to draw audiences to it
  • find out how to maintain your blog


*Participants are asked to bring a mobile device to work on – a laptop is preferred but a tablet or smartphone is adequate. If you don’t have any of these the Centre will have two laptops available for shared usage.




Louise Pascale began her career 20 years ago in children’s TV before going on to study Film and TV production. While at uni she worked at a global ad agency to pay the bills and upon graduation ran away to the UK. There she worked for Sky TV and Channel 4. In 2008 Louise went back to her first love, journalism. Today she is a freelance journalist and online editor who runs her own production company.


Lou Heinrich (@shahouley) writes about pop culture and women. The Books Editor for Lip Mag, she’s been published in Daily Life, The Big Issue, Killings, and Writers Bloc. She spent a large part of August interviewing authors at Melbourne Writers Festival.


Dave Chapple is the Writing Development Manager at the Writers Centre. He has a Masters in Creative Writing, specialising in writing and health, and has worked as the writer in residence for a number of programs in mental health, disability services, as well as working as a writing teacher in prisons and schools.


Ben Brooker is a writer, editor, critic and playwright. His reviews have been published by dB Magazine, RealTime, Fringe Benefits and artsHub. Ben is the Adelaide music and theatre critic for the Daily Review and also blogs at


Rebecca Douglas is an award-winning Adelaide-based writer, qualified computer geek and non-practising lawyer whose work has appeared in print and online publications including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Big Issue, Peppermint, ABC's The Drum and Mamamia. She writes feature articles on health, travel and lifestyle topics, as well as opinion pieces on social justice issues.


Bookings essential. $270 per person. Lunch included. Download the journalism bootcamp program.


We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.

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