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Join local self-publishing success stories and nationally acclaimed experts for a weekend of workshops, panels, networking and mingling. Perfect for anyone interested in self-publishing at any stage, whether you're still writing your book, or just want to boost sales. After this intensive weekend of workshops, panels and networking, you'll have all the skills you need to successfully self-publish a book.

Saturday 23rd June, 8:45am-6pm

Sunday 24th June, 10am-5pm


Venue: Hetzel Lecture Theatre, State Library of South Australia, Corner of Kintore Ave. and North Terrace

Member Price: $350 / Full Price: $460   (ensure that you are logged in to see the member price)


The full program of the weekend is below, or download the Self-Publishing Weekend Program as a pdf:




Panel: The Self-Publishing Experts (1 hour) (Saturday 9.15am-10.15am, Hetzel Lecture Theatre)

The Self-Publishing Weekend will kick off with a panel led by Writers SA staff, featuring Joel Naoum, Euan Mitchell, Clare Connelly and Kristin Weidenbach. These national experts in self-publishing will answer your questions and give an overview of the self-publishing experience.



The Facts and Fiction of Self-Publishing (2.5 hours) (Saturday 10.30am-1.00pm, Hetzel Lecture Theatre)

This workshop will help you determine your path to publication. You might be curious about self-publishing, but it’s a tough road to walk and it’s not right for everyone. In this workshop Joel Naoum will present the facts and the fiction of self-publishing. Are digital sales booming or busting? How can readers find your work? Can you make the jump from self-publishing to the Big 5? Joel will walk through the steps required to get your book out to an audience and point out some of the tips and pitfalls to look out for along the way.

Joel Naoum is a Sydney-based book publisher, editor and consultant. He currently runs Critical Mass, a consultancy for authors and publishers with a focus on technology. He previously co-founded and ran Pan Macmillan Australia's digital-first imprint Momentum. He is the chair of the board of the NSW Writers’ Centre and in 2011 he completed the Unwin Trust Fellowship researching digital publishing experimentation in the United Kingdom.



How to Publish like a Pro (2.5 hours) (Saturday 1.45pm-4.15pm, Hetzel Lecture Theatre)

Using her recent experience of self-publishing her latest book Growing up Moonta, Kristin will take participants through all the steps to consider in choosing to self-publish. The pros and cons compared to traditional trade publishing and how to manage the project, including working with freelancers such as graphic designers, illustrators and typesetters; familiarising yourself with technical details such as paper stock, standard book sizes, cover design and binding; managing timeframes; the decision to print locally or overseas; and distribution and marketing of your printed book. Armed with practical examples, Kristin will show you all the steps behind the scenes to put a book together once your manuscript is finished.

Kristin Weidenbach writes popular non-fiction focused on Australian history. She is the author of Growing up Moonta, Rock Star: the Story of Reg Sprigg and the Australian bestseller Mailman of the Birdsville Track: the Story of Tom Kruse, which has sold over 100,000 copies. Her picture books for children include King of the Outback: the story of Sidney Kidman, Meet Banjo Paterson and Tom the Outback Mailman illustrated by Timothy Ide, which won the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Eve Pownall award, 2013. Kristin is the author of commissioned histories Blue Flames, Black Gold: the story of Santos, and First Watch: 40 years of the Cruising Yacht Club of SA.



Networking Drinks (1 hour) (Saturday 5pm-6pm, Hotel Richmond)

Join the presenters for informal drinks at Hotel Richmond, just five minutes from the workshop venue. Chat with your fellow writers, discuss ideas with the presenters and relax after the day’s workshops. Please note that this event is informal and voluntary.




SUNDAY June 24:


Getting Your Book Into Dymocks (1 hour) (Sunday 10am-11am, Hetzel Lecture Theatre)

Join Dymocks Adelaide staff to learn the process for getting one’s book in to brick and mortar stores, and hear the insider tips and tricks. This session will drill into the details of exactly what happens once a book is in-store, and how to maximise your chances of success.



Editing Options and Publishing Ebooks on a Shoestring (2.5 hours) (Sunday 11am-1.30pm, Hetzel Lecture Theatre)

What is the most cost-effective way to edit the manuscript of your book? How can you hire the same editors who work for the major book publishers? What are the most affordable tools to minimise the cost of adding value to your book by giving it a thorough edit? The first part of this workshop answers these questions. The second part is a hands-on exercise, which shows you how to use your laptop or notebook computer (not iPad) to accurately format a manuscript in Microsoft Word, so you can confidently publish it yourself as an ebook. Bringing along your laptop (Windows or Mac) is highly recommended, but not compulsory.

Dr Euan Mitchell is an author, editor, publisher and lecturer in Professional Writing. Originally a staff writer and commissioning editor for an independent educational publisher, Euan became a senior editor for a major publisher before he successfully self-published his first novel in 1998. Since then he has continued writing fiction and non-fiction books, both published and self-published, while helping writers from all walks of life launch their works into orbit. His latest book, originally commissioned by the Australian Society of Authors, is Your Book Publishing Options: How to Make and Market Ebooks and Print Books. His website is



From Beginner to Bestseller (2.5 hours) (Sunday 2.15-4.45pm, Hetzel Lecture Theatre)

So you’ve written a book and you think you want to try this self-publishing thing you’ve heard about? What does that involve? How do you know your book will sell? What can you do to maximise its chances for success? Should you list exclusively with Amazon or go wide-market, and if wide-market, should you go through a distributor or upload it yourself, website by website? How do you market yourself? Do self-published authors need to ‘brand’ themselves? Can you make a viable income from self-publishing? Clare will cover writing, editing and presenting; ebook shelf placement; marketing, branding, pricing, distributing and building a lasting career. Clare Connelly will share what she did right, and what she did wrong, to help you decide what publication path is right for you.

Clare Connelly self-published her first ebook in May 2014 and by the end of that same year was selling thousands of copies a month and earning a six-figure income. Six months later, she was in the top 100 of Amazon-exclusive authors in America and the top 15 Amazon-exclusive authors in the UK. She had sold almost a million digital books before signing with Harlequin (Harper Collins) in October 2016 – and now writes as a ‘hybrid’ author, continuing to publish best-sellers as an indie as well as selling books through traditional publishing. She writes as full-time as a busy life with two young children permits, and loves to cook, eat French food and drinks far more tea than is good for anyone.

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