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Manuscript Rescue with Ronnie Scott

This intensive is for writers who have stalled on a long narrative project, whether that's a novel or nonfiction (e.g. memoir), or who've completed a draft that they'd like to revive after abandoning it completely. If you’re keen to get back on track, this is the series for you.

Ronnie has published two short novels that took him a combined nine years, and both books were full of wild failures and complete rewrites. He's also edited, ghostwritten, and advised on lots of other people's books, and he understands that dead ends are almost certainly part of the process - it's really about what you do with them.

In a series of three 2-hour workshops, you will meet other writers who are experiencing similar issues; you'll be introduced to strategies used by writers and artists over time to jump-start their projects; and over three weeks, you'll be given in-class and take-home exercises that will help you see your manuscript anew, test strategies you haven't considered, and discuss specific roadblocks with others, helping you to develop a skillset for your writer's toolbox to apply to this project and future manuscripts.


Participants will:

  • Step back and assess the strengths and snags in your own and others' writing.
  • Defamiliarise your own writing, separating the creative writer from the editor.
  • Troubleshoot the sorts of problems that come up when working on a narrative over time and at length.
  • Learn to identify creative solutions from within the work you have already written.
  • Develop strategies for extending your skillsets based on the needs of the project at hand.


Session dates: 6:00 to 8:00pm Tuesday June 20, 27 and July 4.


About Ronnie Scott

Ronnie Scott is the author of Salad Days, a Penguin Special; The Adversary, a novel which was shortlisted for a Queensland Literary Award and the Australian Literature Society Gold Medal; and Shirley, another novel. He teaches Creative Writing at RMIT.

Photo by Leah Jing McIntosh.


Members $240 / Non-members $320

This workshop will be delivered via Zoom. Instructions will be emailed to you, please check your spam/junk folders. A recording will be available to registered participants for two weeks after the course's conclusion.


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  • Starts: June 20th, 2023 6:00 PM
  • Finishes: June 20th, 2023 8:00 PM

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Manuscript Rescue with Ronnie Scott

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