Varuna Fellowships for Writing & Illustrating Retreats

Each year since 1991 Varuna has offered at least 25 Fellowships for Writing Retreats.

Over 21 years, Varuna has developed a unique environment encouraging sustained work, conversation and community among writers. Varuna Fellowships for Writing Retreats offer writers a residency in an environment wholly dedicated to writing, with accommodation and full board provided, to develop an established writing or illustration project.

Fellowships awarded in 2014 will be awarded for the period January–June 2015. Fellowships available:

Retreat Fellowships will be two weeks in duration, except for The John Appleton Writing for Radio Fellowship which will be a one week residency.
Flagship Fellowships will be three weeks.
Second Book Fellowships are for writers working on that difficult next book – usually the second.

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