Stringybark Tales with a Twist Short Story Award 2020

Stringybark Publishing is proud to sponsor the Tales with a Twist Award 2020.

Clean the spilt coffee out of your keyboard (or sharpen your goose quill) and start writing a 1500 word (max) story that will excite the reader. It can be set wherever your fancy takes you. It can involve characters from the past, the future or today.

The only condition? It has to have a twist at the end of the tale!

We have an award pool of over $1000 in cash and books to encourage you in this endeavour, provided by our sponsor Stringybark Publishing.

Length: ≤1500 words

Award value: Over $1000 in cash and books.

Entry fees: $14 for one story, $26 for two stories, $36 for three stories (max).

See here for more information.

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