The Stringybark Dog Eat Dog Short Story Award 2017

This competition follows in the grand footsteps of our other thematic awards. For this competition we are looking for stories that have as their title a cliché and include one reference to that cliché somewhere in the story.

We DO NOT want a story containing many clichés. We hate clichés with a passion but we reckon clichés can inspire some ripper short stories. Can you imagine the content of stories with titles such as:

  • A Bed of Roses
  • A Fate Worse than Death
  • A Hard Man is Good to Find
  • Behind the Eight Ball
  • Built Like a Brick Shithouse
  • The Female of the Species is Deadlier than the Male…

Stringybark invites you to write a short story of up to 1500 words that addresses this theme. The Prize value for this competition is over $1000 in cash and books. International entries most welcome.

Closing date for entries is 16 July 2017.  Details at:

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