Dickinson Memorial Literary Competition – “Movement” theme

Braille House is proud to announce that the 99th Dickinson Memorial Literary Competition for 2020 is now open for entries from all Australian residents and the theme is MOVEMENT.

Spread the word about this opportunity to pen a short story or poem and be in the running to win cash prizes in this year’s Dickinson Memorial Literary Competition which is a National literary competition and is for children and adults who are blind or have low vision.

There is also special “People’s Choice” award that will be open to anyone (even if you are sighted) and all entries in this category will be published on the Braille House website and the audience will get to choose the winner.

There are categories for all ages to enter and prize money is awarded in every category: $350 first prize per category and $150 second prize per category (judges decision is final).

6 Categories of Entry:

  • Adult Short Story
  • Adult Poem/Song Lyrics/Limerick
  • Adult Article/Opinion eg: self-reflection, blog
  • Senior Student Creative Category, eg: story, poem, song lyrics, limerick, blog
  • Junior Student Creative Category, eg: story, poem, song lyrics, limerick, blog
  • Peoples Choice Category – Short Story. All entries will be published online for the public to vote.

Entry forms are available from the link: www.braillehouse.org.au/dickinson-2020/

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