David Unaipon Award for Unpublished Indigenous Writers

Are you an Australian First Nations writer with an original manuscript? You could win $10, 000 and a publication contract!

The David Unaipon Award for Unpublished Indigenous Writers is now open for nominations! This Award is open to all unpublished Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers anywhere in Australia. Manuscripts can be in any literary category including novels, collections of short stories and/or poems, works for children, biographies and memoirs, other non-fiction works, plays and scripts.

The winner of the David Unaipon Award receives $10,000 and a publishing contract with University of Queensland Press. The 2017 Awards are open for nomination from Saturday 1 April until Wednesday 31 May.

To enter please check the Entry Guidelines and fill out the Nomination Form on the QLA website http://www.qldliteraryawards.org.au/.

Previous winners of the David Unaipon Award include Ellen Van Neerven, Lesley and Tammy Williams, Nicole Watson, John Bodey, Dylan Coleman, Jeanine Leane, and Samuel Wagan Watson.

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