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July 23rd, 2013 | Blog, Resources, Tips | Tags:

By Malcolm Walker Believe it or not one of the books I find most useful is the Macquarie Dictionary. When looking for a spelling I’ll often come across a word I’ve never encountered before and that can begin the process of interrogating ideas and relationships I hadn’t thought about before. […]

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June 25th, 2013 | Blog, Tips, Workshops | Tags:

By Danae Sinclair Great content never asks readers to work for what they want to know.  Great content meets reader expectations, helps them toward their information-gathering goals and it gets your message across clearly.  To break it down further, here are three things to be mindful of when creating web […]

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June 13th, 2013 | Blog, Tips, Workshops | Tags:

by Kerryn Goldsworthy JOIN KERRYN FOR THE WORD FOR WORD WORKSHOP IN JANUARY. * Remember that ‘place’ is an elastic term: it could mean ‘Australia’ or  ‘Adelaide’ or ‘the Beehive Corner’ or ‘the place I came off my bike when I was ten’. * When describing a place, try to […]

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June 2nd, 2013 | Blog, Guest posts, Resources, Tips, Workshops | Tags:

Hi peeps, Cassandra Dean here, with a few hints and tips for online promotion and marketing as a writer! 1. Have a website. Make the design of it simple and easy to use. Update it regularly. 2. Blog. Blog regularly. Blog often. Blog about random shizz you’re convinced no one […]

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May 21st, 2013 | Blog, Books, Tips, Workshops | Tags:

By Katrina Germein Join Katrina for her Perfecting Your Picture Book Story workshop. One very good reason not to write a picture book: you’re hoping to retire on the royalties. Let’s talk actual figures. The standard royalty paid to a picture book author in Australia is 5% of the full […]

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May 10th, 2013 | Blog, Guest posts, Tips, Workshops | Tags:

By Lucy Clark 1. If you don’t write your story, who will? 2. Procrastinate… but then write. 3. You make time to go to the gym, work, sleep, socialise, so why not make time to write? 4. Research is MASSIVE and time consuming and from all the info you collate, […]

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