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October 29th, 2013 | Blog, Books, Characters, Perfecting the craft, Writing for Children | Tags:

By Katrina Germein    JOIN KATRINA FOR HER EXAMINING EXCELLENT PICTURE BOOKS WORKSHOP   Dear Katrina, I want to write a picture book but I want to do it my own way. I’ve read that picture books should have repetition and I think repetition is boring. I’ve read that publishers […]

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September 30th, 2013 | Blog, Characters, Workshops | Tags:

By Lia Weston Continued on from a previous post Nothing makes my heart sink like an ‘HILARIOUS LoL LoL OMG SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ email forward. Guaranteed to fulfil none of the subject line promises, it tends to fall into one of two camps: ‘women are smart and funny, while men are […]

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September 5th, 2013 | Blog, Characters, Insights, Perfecting the craft | Tags:

By Malcolm Walker Continued on from this previous post  …The psychological motivation of characters can also have a bearing when thinking up names. If a particular character is serious or frivolous, sensitive or uncaring, happy or sad, does the name you settle upon reflect or enhance these traits or does […]

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August 14th, 2013 | Blog, Characters, Perfecting the craft, Resources, Tips | Tags:

By Malcolm Walker Shakespeare asks, ‘What’s in a name?’ and answers by telling us roses smell sweet whatever they are called. But Tim Winton’s character Rose Pickles out of Cloudstreet is anything but sweet: her character comes fully armed with thorns for most of the story – even though she […]

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